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    In all the letters to his brother he complains about the language and his inability to understand it, which results in embarrassing situationsEventually, he takes decision to continue his study and even goes with Randy to Springfield ( Randys hometown)ProfThis book, however, is a fictional biography of Gopal, the kid from Madhya Pradesh who finds himself in America for his studiesEven so, his reaction to the new experiences seem ludicrous - but the expression of this silliness is what makes the book a total laugh riotCombine them with the stories that the NRI relatives themselves would narrate when they get to India, with a dash of ego and pride thrown in and you have The Inscrutable Americans narrated first handHis arm turned half circles and his fingers snapped in time to some invisible musicLike most students the character Gopal also goes through culture shocks and its very well articulated by the authorIn that case, the book hits a bulls eye


    flag 1 likeLike see review The letters that Gopal writes to his family back home add to much of the humor in the book.There is no point or message in the story - it's not meant to seriously portray the cultural shock that young Foreign students face in AmericaI would have given it 4 star rating, except all the "sex in America" theme bored me quite a bitFinally his one year comes to an end and he departs from his campus taking with him memories of his experiences in AmericaNone of them even have the decency of getting a real nameThose that have had a similar expeience might see the other three177-184.Uploaded bySusheel Sharmaconnect to downloadGetpdfSharma, Susheel Kumar, Anurag Mathurs Scrutiny of the Inscrutables, Indian Fiction of the Nineties, ed


    177-184.DownloadSharma, Susheel Kumar, Anurag Mathurs Scrutiny of the Inscrutables, Indian Fiction of the Nineties, edPlease help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk pageThere he battles the usual issues faced by an Indian living in the US- racism, sexual discomforts, food, etcThis novel claims to be hilarious, although I didn't find anything remotely funny about it - neither the prose (if it is witty and funny, it does a good job of hiding it) nor the characters which were lazy stereotypes of small-town Indians and NRIs.more flag 1 likeLike see review View 1 comment Much better than the books which have been coming up in the last decade


    This way for the first time he comes across the ugly side of AmericaHere are some of the sentences:"Then I'm going to long bathroom""Then I am sleeping long time after London and when I'm waking it is like we are flying over sea of lights""Still please tell her I have done needful".How can someone with such a horrible English put that "inscrutable" word in the title? Sounds like someone else did it for himflag 1 likeLike see review ProfPathak (Delhi: Creative, 1997), ppDuring his journey to the airport he discovers a part of New York from where his bewilderment starts right from the American girls, new gadgets, the naked billboards, vegetarian cats and continues with telephone and multi channeled color TVHere are all the Black characters in the entire book:1st Black man: A pimp in a gray overcoat who offers Gopal real live, wild pussy2nd Black man: Gopal beheld a short black man wearing a fur cap, half dancing as he walked'The Inscrutable Americans' is a story of a simple and God-fearing (and mom and grandma fearing) boy from a small town in IndiaToday an Indian travelling to US will probably not feel that alien and will know more about US as compared to Americans c3545f6b32

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